Consultancy: Support to Companies


What is it?

Because of reorganizational reasons, often companies are forced to take the decision to end long-time collaborations with valid Professionals who were essential to the business development.
In order to support these Professionals, the Company can address to Firms that are specialized in transitioning former employees to new jobs.

The Outplacement program is personalized based on the Company’s needs and on the characteristics of the People we support.

Every Candidate will be helped by a Consultant Project Manager who will manage the course in all its development.

The stages are:

1) analysis of the personality traits in order to identify strengths and weaknesses;
2) focus on skills and competencies to evaluate the candidate’s potential;
3) individuation of a new possible career path;
4) creation of a Marketing action plan to promote the candidate;
5) career guidance and evaluation in order to foster the candidate’s self-awareness;
6) dynamic research to reposition the candidate in a new Company.

Business and Role Consulting

Role consulting helps the employees in need to reflect on their working activity and consider their position during organizational changes.

This consulting activity helps the workers to evaluate their working experience and promotes spirit of enterprise thanks to learn-by-doing process.
In fact, it is often difficult to understand a situation, and it gets even harder if no external point of view is offered.

For this reason, role consulting activity represents a useful tool to the worker’s professional growth.


1) detect the problem;
2) determine realistic goals;
3) take decisions;
4) face problems with balanced emotions;
5) learn to deal with colleagues;
6) learn to help each other’s growth.

Role consulting is aimed at achieving change on different levels:

1) organizational;
2) personal/professional.